Our story

Let your skin drink the perfect wine, designed to caress, smooth and delight, with long term benefits.

From early times there was a constant search for the everlasting youth. Nobody was able to find it yet, but, the greatest alchemist of all, Nature, offers us, if not the ultimate remedy, at least an age defence – some of the most potent antioxidants. It comes from the seeds and the skin of the grapes, and it is a gift for your skin in the challenging endeavour of arresting time.

The cosmetic products containing natural ingredients, locally resourced, from the very land of our ancestors where we are as rooted as the wines organically grown, will regal the skin with an unexpected green gift. And when I say green that means more than the colour of youth and hope, it means sustainable practices, in respect of nature and all its creatures, not at least yourself.

“Less is more and natural is the best”

Fewer ingredients translate into greater quantities of an effective one and fewer interactions among different principles; while returning to nature is a lesson that all of us have learned lately. The main sources are at hand: the vineyard and the roses guarding it, as well as the almond orchard; that gives the name of the wine brand – La Migdali. All that remains to be done is the effort to bring them together and use their potential to create the products for your delight: gentle, efficient, subtly perfumed and considerate with the environment. .

Ladies of all ages have a constant concern for a bright, hydrated and youthful looking skin, given that aging begins earlier than most of us are ready to accept, taking different aspects (fine lines, wrinkles, spots or discolorations, sagging) and having individual timeframes due to genetics and external factors (exposure to sun and pollution, different damaging habits – smoking or an inadequate diet, diseases or hormonal imbalances).

When I tried to imagine a minimalist skincare routine with multipurpose skincare products suitable for every skin type and addressing each person concerned to prevent ageing and lead a sustainable lifestyle, I came up with a capsule collection of three products: a day cream, a night cream and an eye serum.